Quake Strong’s ADU Process

Quake Strong’s ADU Specialty Division will make the entire ADU Construction process easy for the owner.

Installing an ADU in your home, backyard, garage, or multifamily building is an excellent way to increase the size and value of your property. You can rent to additional tenants or simply create more living space for your family. The Quake Strong ADU Process is turn key. We take care of the entire city planning coordination and comprehensive construction process, and, at the end, we will hand the Owner a key for unit(s) that are ready for rental.

Quake Strong ownership has built many beautiful homes and multifamily buildings in the Southern California area as well as all across the country. Our work is our business card, so you can trust that our units will be eye-catching and appealing to new tenants after the ADU is completed.

STEP 1: We meet at the property and consult with the Owner to determine the quantity of ADUs and perfect style of ADU design options for their home or multifamily building.

We pride our company on sharing our construction ideas with separate licensed engineering companies. Sometimes, property owners have already had an architect or engineer design their plans. They then bring these design plans to Quake Strong for construction due to our excellent and trusted reputation.

Other times, Owners consult with Quake Strong for potential design option ideas, and Quake Strong then introduces the Owner to a separate licensed engineer or architect who can design their ADUs.

DISCLAIMER: Quake Strong is not an engineering company, nor does Quake Strong employ any licensed engineers.  The client is free to obtain their engineering plans with any licensed engineer or engineering company they choose

STEP 2: After the plans are completed, Quake Strong coordinates with all city planning and utility departments to ensure that all ADU regulation requirements are accounted for.

STEP 3: The Quake Strong construction team builds the perfect ADU that will be gorgeous ready for rental directly upon completion.


Quake Strong can design and build detached ADUs on from the property to allow the both the Owner and new tenant to have more privacy. These detached units can increase the value of your property, and we will ensure that all city requirements are met to ensure that the unit is ready for rental on Day 1 after completion. Detached ADUs can be built on top of a detached parking area or completely stand alone on the property, such as in a courtyard or relatively vacant area on the property.

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