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Quake Strong can secure affordable financing for your retrofitting solution.
ADU Construction
Property owners are now allowed to convert areas of their single-family homes or multi-family buildings into Additional Dwelling Units (ADUs). Quake Strong offers turn-key construction services to convert garages, parking stalls, or open areas into elegant ADUs ready for rental.
City Planning Coordination
City Planning Coordination
Quake Strong handles all the coordination between the city plan-checkers and the engineer... so you don't have to. This involves a process which can include plan corrections, followed by multiple plan revisions, meetings with plan checkers and managing the details of the Tenant Habitability Plan (THP)
Tenant Management
Tenant Management
For over 60 years, our property management division has provided the most prompt and attentive service to tenants. And throughout the entire retrofitting process, we handle all aspects of tenant communications in a timely manner. This includes arranging parking schedules and posting construction notices.
Retrofitting Construction
Licensed, bonded, and insured for over 40 years, our skilled and experienced construction team has built nearly every type of structure. We take pride in our safe practices and high quality standards.
Cost Recovery
Cost Recovery
After the construction is complete, Quake Strong manages all the details of the "Cost Recovery Program" with the city. This way, the building owner can begin recouping the expenses of their now improved building.
Refinancing Seismic Retrofit Upgrade For Banks & Lenders
Quake Strong works with many banks and lenders. Many times, a bank will require a seismic retrofit upgrade in order to secure refinancing. Quake Strong is very experienced with facilitating cost effective seismic upgrades for refinancing.


​Quake Strong handles the entire seismic retrofitting process from A To Z.  This includes city planning coordination, permitting, tenant management, construction, and cost recovery.  And we send you weekly emails to keep you fully informed along the way.

PHASE 1: ​Even though the exterior of two buildings may look identical, each structure is unique​ and has characteristics all their own. From wood beams to steel beams, the naked eye can only assume which material and connections are in fact holding your structure upright. We provide free building assessments in order to determine and present to you the all-in price for your specific seismic retrofitting needs.

PHASE 2: ​  If the building owner already has engineering plans, Quake Strong’s experienced and trusted construction team will facilitate the scope of work indicated in the plans.   If the owner does not yet have engineering plans, Quake Strong can introduce the client to a variety of licensed engineers unaffiliated with Quake Strong to design retrofitting plans.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  Quake Strong is not an engineering company, nor does Quake Strong employ any licensed engineers.  The client is free to obtain their engineering plans with any licensed engineer or engineering company they choose.

PHASE 3:  While the structural engineer plans are being designed by a separate licensed engineer, our Apartment Management Division collects all pertinent tenant and building information required by the city in order to complete, submit and have the Tenant Habitability Plan (THP) approved for each unit in your building. We manage all communication with your tenants and/or building manager (all construction notification dates, parking instructions, etc.), and should your tenants have any questions or concerns throughout the retrofitting process, our friendly staff is here to gladly assist.

PHASE 4:   After a separate licensed engineer has received stamped approval form the city plan check department, Quake Strong orders steel and other materials and construction commences.

PHASE 6: Quake Strong handles all building inspections until the final inspection is passed, and your building is in compliance with the seismic retrofitting ordinance.

PHASE 7: For the final step, Quake Strong handles the Cost Recovery Program, so you can begin recouping the costs of your now improved building.


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